Writer Talks w/DiAnn Mills – DEEP EXTRACTION (part two)

DiAnn’s encouragement to writers is priceless.

She discusses, new story idea and how she performed research relating to her project due for release in 2018 – HIGH TREASON! She also covers the importance of your unique voice in blogging, a few things every writer must understand to communicate a great story.

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“ANYTHING COULD HAPPEN while the dead slept.”

So begins the NEW book by DiAnn Mills – DEEP EXTRACTION. Expect an adventure full of twists and turns, memorable characters, transformation and a bit of romance. The story unfolds after the murder of a well-respected oil magnate brings together an FBI Agent and a US Marshall who are also friends of the deceased and the prime suspect’s family. A satisfying who-done-it type of reading. Order your copy today. The official in-store book launch is Tuesday, April 4, 2017. Buy Book Here

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Eva Marie Everson tells a delightful Christmas story of forgiveness and renewed love. Charlie Dixon returns to Testament to encounter her own prejudices about traditional Christmas, her unforgiveness of her ex-con father, and her fears about rekindling a former love. This short video about Eva’s book and a little bit about Christmas traditions in our respective homes to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and God Bless Us Every One!

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51oain1z8qlLeeAnn Jefferies, The Bipolar Experience – One fashion model’s war against the stigma of mental illness.

Ford Models, LeeAnn Jefferies, lived in her secret, shame-induced, Bipolar closet for decades. Despite being diagnosed with Bipolar (1) Disorder, 50% schizophrenia and OCD, in her early twenties, LeeAnn worked tirelessly to achieve her dream career. Later, she paid a devastating price.


Watch and learn as Eva Marie Everson discusses her new book at Carmen’s Corner


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Our Mission to Learn About Carmen’s Favorite Non-Profit Organizations, and How to Participate Continues with Children of the Nations (COTNI.org) and Co-Founder Debbie Clark.

Debbie shares the vision, mission, and story of how COTN came to life and how people may continue to breathe life into the hearts, souls and minds of children formerly abandoned, discarded and ignored. And then, there’s more! Be inspired by two stories of COTN children Carmen has met, visited and watched them thrive under the care of COTN in Malawi. You’ll say, with Carmen and others who love COTN, “God is good.”


See the other videos in this Children of the Nations series. The wonderful and inspiring stories of Lezita Mteme and David Clark Samuel just two more blessings from Children of the Nations.

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Visit www.COTNI.org to participate with your time, talent and treasure. Sponsor a Child or University Student, Learn How to Make and Send SMILEPACKS, Consider a Venture Trip to a COTN Country and Bring Your Expertise to Bless Those in Need.

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