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“Fin del Mundo – Ends of the Eath”

1903 Spain. In a time when higher education for women is viewed as unnecessary, and marriage to a well-to-do husband is essential for survival, MARGARITA del CARMEN de la VILLA learns of her deceased father’s holdings in far away Cuba and leaves home to pursue independence and her dream of becoming a teacher. She is determined to marry for love, and not for money. What do you think? Like the premise? Let me know in Comments!

What do you think? Like the premise? Let me know in Comments!

MARGARITA del CARMEN de la VILLA has a choice to make. Deny her education and dreams of becoming a teacher, plus marry a man of her mother’s choosing–a man she does not love and truly despises, or steal away from Spain and start a new life of independence in far away Cuba. When the overseer of her father’s farm turns out to be the handsome stranger she met during her travels, a romance develops. When her mother and the man she insists Margarita marry arrive in Cuba, will they connive to destroy her courage and separate her from the children she adores and the man she has come to love and respect?

What about this pitch draft? Does it spark your interest in this novel?



Historical Fiction ~134,000 words

Love meets revolution in Cuba when an idealistic university student, LUIS JOSE CRUZ must choose between the fight for democracy or the domestic life with the woman of his dreams–ADRIANA ALONZO. Luis and Adriana rejoice when the revolution is won, but when FIDEL CASTRO betrays their revolutionary ideals, Luis joins a contra group and becomes suspect. He must flee the country or face a firing squad, while Adriana must confront the communists and find her own way of escape 90 Miles to Freedom.



Contemporary ~85,000 words

CHRISTINE never liked being alone and now she is living her greatest nightmare, believing she is the last person left on earth. In the midst of total despair, a voice crackles over the previously silenced radio. “We don’t know what’s happened to most of our people, but if you can hear my voice, you are not alone.” The man calling himself, VOCHE, urges survivors of the mysterious disappearance to leave their homes and travel to his safe house in the southwestern United States. Believing the man she loves–REY KING–is there, Christine’s embarks on the journey with the only other living thing she’s found, her neighbor’s golden retriever. Near Mt. Angel, Oregon, Christine encounters The BENEDICTINE MONK. He vows to help her reach her destination. Along the way, the trio will meet others who attempt to hinder Christine. The Benedictine, who does not trust Voche, leads Christine on a solitary journey of discovering her inner voice of faith in Jesus Christ, assuring her she is Never Alone.


Speculative YA Fiction ~80,000 words

Willful and rebellious teenager, Corrie Turner, rejects her parents’ authority and retires to her room. Startled awake by her grandmothers voice, Corrie sees a glittering vision of her grandmother accompanied by two shadowy figures. When a dark tunnel opens in her room, Corrie follows them in. A door opens filling the space with blinding light. Corrie’s grandmother and her escorts step through the door leaving Corrie in the dark with the door locked. Will Corrie be able to enter and discover where her grandmother has gone? What will Corrie learn really exists just Steps Away?


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