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Author Essentials


Name:  Eva Marie Everson

Genre: Fiction / Non-Fiction for The Bipolar Experience

Featured Book Review:   The Bipolar Experience (Nov) / God Bless Us Every One (Dec)

Birthday:   8.28.1957

Place of Birth:   Sylvania, GA

Education / Writer’s Associations:   I have a nursing degree and a seminary degree … working on my second seminary degree now. Word Weavers, RWA, AWSA, FHL

Marital Status:  Married / Children:  Yep!

Pets:  I say we own her … she says she owns us. (dog)

Fav Something: My grandmother’s engagement ring. I’m the third generation to wear it.

Fav Reads or Authors:  Fiction: Lynn Austin / Nonfiction: Robert Benson

Website:  www.EvaMarieEversonAuthor.com

What’s Next / When?   The One True Love of Alice-Ann (Tyndale, April 2017)

Find Eva’s Books: www.EvaMarieEversonAuthor.com

Anything else you would like to share:  Happy Holidays!

51oain1z8qlLeeAnn Jefferies The BiPolar Experience w/Eva Marie Everson. Eva captures the skinny on LeeAnn’s life as a Ford Models female, wife, mother and follower of Jesus living with a serious and often debilitating disease.

Her description of the carts (medical, ice cream and electro-shock cart) is both chilling and emotional. Her revelations about her life with its ups, downs, and sideways is reflective of LeeAnn herself — honest, with a sense of her southern, sarcastic style and with hope. LeeAnn clings to her faith, to her family and her friends to this day to help her manage her Bipolar (1) Disorder. She white-knuckled her way to the top of her field and lived her dream as a Ford Models female traveling the globe and performing for photographers to capture that just perfect shot for her magazine clients, and all without medication and for sixteen years.

LeeAnn and Eva are on a mission to dispel the stigma of mental illness. One little pill, with a family and friends support system is often the answer to survival and success.

December Must Read: GOD BLESS US EVERY ONE 

51-opwxgz2lCharlene Dixon – Charlie to her family and friends – returns home to live with the woman who raised her – her grandmother whom she calls Sis. Charlie has just lost her job at an exclusive school for girls and returns to Testament only to get roped into helping with the annual high school Christmas play. Resistant at first, Charlie soon surrenders to the traditional choice of play – A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens and to the charms of the new drama instructor, her hometown first love Dustin Kennedy. Charlie’s transition to Testament is further complicated by her father, John, an ex-con gone straight and narrow and wanting to restore his relationship with his estranged and formerly abandoned daughter.

Written in the fresh and charming southern style of Eva Marie Everson, this is a perfect read for Christmas and to go along with the December feature for Carmen’s Corner – Dickens in December. Readers will not only enjoy the characters and story of GOD BLESS US EVERY ONE, how they grow in love and forgiveness, but will learn the history of A Christmas Carol and how many of our contemporary traditions originated with this great story by Charles Dickens. A MUST READ for Christmas. GOD BLESS US EVERY ONE

COMMENT: To enter to win a personalized copy of GOD BLESS US EVERY ONE between now and December 15th. We will aim to get your copy to you by Christmas! Merry Christmas Every One

Every Writer’s Journey / And December Must Read!

  1. What did you discover about yourself and/or God through writing the characters in this book? I can’t really say writing God Bless Us Every One led me to any discovery about God or myself … but I learned a lot about Charles Dickens, about how he had to rise above what life had dealt him, and how he used that to write his classic works. I suppose there is some self-revelation there, as well.
  2. Reading – Love it or hate it? Your current readsI wish I had more time to read for fun. Seems like these days all I do is read for work. I’m currently working on the biography of Eric Liddell with Eric Eichinger for Tyndale Publishers. So, I’m reading a lot of historical facts about this amazing Olympic Gold medalist turned missionary.
  3. Writing—what was your Goal as a beginning writer? To get published. Plain and simple! But I always wanted to write something that stood out for God. Not just for myself.
  4. Inspiration—how do you maintain it for the long haul of writing a novel? By falling in love with the characters. They, in turn, help me fall in love with the story.
  5. Pantser or Plotter? What’s your process? I have a general idea of the story. I develop my characters well and let them tell me the rest. Sometimes they mix things up on me.
  6. Music, Quiet or other? What’s your ideal writing environment? At home. In my office. Earphones tucked in … House clean and quiet. Dog at my feet.
  7. Hobby or Activity when you want to chill? Old films. Long walks.
  8. What’s your no-fail creativity charger or How do you defeat writer’s block? Old films. Long walks. LOL
  9. One thing every aspiring writer should develop for the long run of being an author? Quiet time. 
  10. In what aspect of writing are you pursuing growth this year? A new novel set in the late 1950s. My WWII novel releases in April, which I am VERY excited about. (Title:The One True Love of Alice-Ann)
  11. What’s your next writing project? Hopefullythe novel set in the 50s. The Lord has led me to a lot of work as a writing coach, which cuts into my writing. As the president of Word Weavers International (Word-Weavers.com) I stay very busy helping writers hone their craft. This is where God has led me, and I am content.
  12. Why is this genre important to you? Telling the gospel story through fiction is the way Jesus taught. That’s very important to me.
  13. An organization or ministry you are connected with that we should know about? Word Weavers International(president)/(Word-Weavers.com)and Florida Christian Writers Conference (director)/ (www.FloridaCWC.net)
  14. Giveaway? Of Course