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Name: Dennis Ricci

Genre: Suspense/Thriller


Genre of Featured Book: Political Thriller

Birthday: October 2, 1955

Place of Birth: Detroit, Michigan

Fondest Childhood Memory: Large family gatherings in our home

Writer’s Associations: ACFW, International Thriller Writers

Marital Status: Married to Jill Cushon Ricci, February 22 anniversary

Children: Kevin (32), Janelle (26), Jason (23)

Grandchildren: Braelyn (three days old!!) (She was born August 21, 2016)

Pets: none

Favorite Something and Why: This changes over time…right now it’s watching The West Wing with Jill…best political drama EVER. Aaron Sorkin is my storytelling hero…I’m going to sign up for his online screenwriting Masterclass this fall

Perfect Writing Environment: In my home office at my 27” iMac

READING: I enjoy reading a variety of fiction authors…my list includes Joel C. Rosenberg, Brad Thor, David Baldacci, Robert Dugoni, Steven James, James Scott Bell, DiAnn Mills, and a growing list of new authors including Don Brobst, Rick Pullen, and Joe Courtemanche

Estimate how many Books you read per year: 4-6 novels 3-4 nonfiction

Newspapers or Magazines? Yes—Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Detroit News, Detroit Free Press, Time, Fortune, Charisma, Writers Digest

How much do you read your Bible, and how much does it inform your writing? I’ve read through the Bible a dozen times, and now I combine devotional reading (currently in My Utmost for His Highest) and focus on a single book. I’m currently reading the harmonized Gospels, which I edited together on my computer so that it reads like a story.



Every Writer’s Journey – Book Review and Where to Purchase PERILOUS JUDGMENT

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Carmen’s Book Review – PERILOUS JUDGMENT

Perilous Judgment is a story ripped from today’s headlines, rife with action and real world politics. Proposition Sixty-Eight is an immigration law, passed by a majority vote of the people of the State of California, and poses a dilemma for Federal Judge Edward Lamport who must rule on its constitutionality. Both his career and his personal life are at risk and in conflict with the law. Judge Lamport’s Mexican-born son needs help to escape Mexico and expose a drug cartel laundering money through the largest bank in Mexico. Will Judge Lamport break the law? Will he be ruled by the Constitution or by his conflicted conscience? A lot of characters, in real world settings, with fast pacing make PERILOUS JUDGMENT an enjoyable read for the Political Thriller/Suspense junkie. Absent of sexual situations and inaccrochable language, as Gertrude Stein once instructed Ernest Hemingway, makes this a safe as well as enjoyable read for the Christian audience. Ricci communicates a thrill ride of a story tied to values that do not offend. This book may be enjoyed by both secular and Christian readers interested in political thrillers with immigration and gun control topics, and interpersonal relationship themes that hold it all together. Women will enjoy the romance thread and relate to the emotional struggles of Edward’s wife, Jacqui. She turns out to be a tough chick in the end – a great female heroine. My favorite was Chapter 42, which contains the moment of no return for Judge Lamport. His life will never be the same after he makes this decision. Read it and see.


Divine Appointment at WRITING FOR THE SOUL Conference in 2012

So happy for my friend to launch his debut novel. Well done Dennis!

Happy eyes at the PERILOUS JUDGMENT  launch with my friend and author, Dennis Ricci

I entered the Grand Hyatt Ballroom set with approximately 40 tables for 8 and walked to the nearest table to me. The sign revealing the table host name was someone I already had an appointment with later in the day. So, I thought, I should just sit somewhere else and let someone else sit here. But the still small voice inside my head said, “You need to sit here Carmen.” I continued to examine the ballroom, ignoring that little voice, but it persisted. Finally, convinced, I sat down, unbeknownst to myself in the seat of our host, Julie Gwinn—then an editor for a major publishing house and now a savvy agent with The Seymour Agency. So this man comes to the table and sits two chairs down from me and asks, “Are you, Julie?” Realizing my mistake, I scoot over a seat and sit next to Dennis Ricci. Who in the following few minutes I discover is not only from my family’s hometown, but his kids were at the school where my brother was the principal. SMALL WORLD RIGHT? I learned to never underestimate the Holy Spirit in setting up Divine appointments wherever I may go–especially at a writer’s conference. So Dennis and I became good friends and critique partners, and here we are today with his first novel published and our first interview about his BOOK and his amazing WRITER’S JOURNEY. Enjoy.