Suggestions for Clarity and Polish

CarmenProofWriting Puts Fresh Eyes on All Your Writing Projects!

All writers need fresh eyes and an unbiased evaluation of their writing.

CarmenProofWriting provides review Services for your writing projects, including Proofing and/or Light/Medium Copy Editing, with reasonable Turnaround Time and Cost.

Service Descriptions

CarmenProofWriting will review your First Five Pages, checking for PUGs and narrative rhythm, and provide an overall impression of your opening with suggestions for improvement.

Need more than first five pages?

CarmenProofWriting will review your latest Book Proposal, including your cover letter, main proposal, and 3 sample chapters (up to 50 pages) with a reasonable turnaround time to meet your conference or submission deadline.

Need Even More?

CarmenProofWriting will review your Entire Manuscript (Novella/40-45 thousand words) or (Novel up to 100,000 words) and provide Light/Medium Copy Editing to double-check format, accuracy, and PUGS; improve style and check for inconsistencies, evaluate flow and re-work text.

And Then Some…

CarmenProofWriting will review All Projects including Short Stories, Serial Fiction, Devotionals, Web Content, Writer’s Resume, even Academic Essays and Papers for Students.

CarmenProofWriting puts Fresh Eyes on All Your Writing Projects!

Format Guidelines

Fiction Format: All Fiction Projects – use CMOS standards – 1″ page margins all around, TimesNewRoman 12″ font, double-spaced pages, no additional spaces between paragraphs and only 1 space after punctuation to end sentences. E-mail all documents as attachments in (doc or docx) formats. Please do not send (PDF or Jpg) files.

Academic Format: Please contact CarmenProofWriting if using other than Fiction format.

List of Services, Turnaround Time, Costs, and Payment Made Easy 

  • Final Proof First Five Pages – PUGs, narrative rhythm, polish for presentation, and overall impression of opening
    • ~72 hours from time of email confirmation / $50  / phone review available upon request
  • Final Proof Book Proposal and 3 Sample Chapters (up to 50 pages)
    • ~1 week from time of email confirmation / $150  / phone review available upon request
  • Light/Medium Copy Edit Manuscripts
    • ~3 weeks for fiction 45,000 words (+ or -) / $4.25 per page / phone review included
    • ~6 weeks for fiction 100,000 words (+ or -) / $4.25 per page / phone review included
  • Payment Made Easy: PayPal Invoicing upon completion of project. All projects returned on-time once payment received.

Note on Turnaround and Costs: Carmen loves words and writers. Whenever possible, CarmenProofWriting will endeavor to work with a writer’s deadline and budget, to help make every writer successful. email: CarmenProofWriting

Note on Genre: Carmen predominantly reviews Christian Fiction in all genres. Open to review projects for the general market in most genres, except those containing overtly sexual situations and extreme profanity.

Carmen and CarmenProofWriting reserve the right to deny a review of material based on their sole discretion.