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Details on Mesu & Review of MIRIAM

Mesu Andrews

Birthday: 12/12/63

Place of Birth: Greenfield, IN

Fondest Childhood Memory: Playing on my best friend’s horse farm.

Education & Writer’s Associations: Associate’s degree, IU Business / ACFW

Marital Status: Married to Roy Andrews

Children & Grandchildren:

  • Trina (married to Jason)
    • Emilie
    • Audrey
    • Piper
    • Jonah
  • Emily (married to Brad)
    • Garrison
    • Charleigh

Pets: Ezekiel Isaiah (Zeke) – American Staffordshire Terrier

Favorite Anything and Why: Coffee (nectar of the gods)

Authors You Read and Why: Francine Rivers (Redeeming Love was the first Christian novel I ever read, and every novel of hers I’ve read since has been outstanding!)

IMG_4694Mesu’s Genre: Biblical Fiction

Featured Book Review: Miriam / Waterbrook Multnomah


IMG_4695How Mesu and I Became BFFs!

Oregon, March 2014

I had just arrived home from six grueling (NOT) months in Kauai helping my daughter with the children while her husband was away on a mission trip. A friend informed me about the Faith and Culture Writer’s Conference. It was in two days. I called the organizer and added my name to the attendees. One of my first classes was taught by this lovely lady, Mesu Andrews. Later we saw each other again. My son worked at the same University as her husband and I had previously worked for a non-profit organization. Mesu had a friend launching a non-profit, so she asked if we could meet. The rest is history. I worked for our mutual friend, Meg Wilson, at her non-profit for six months ( and earned enough to pay for a professional editor to edit my manuscript. Mesu, Meg and I completed a fantastic Bible Study together and always talked about writing when we weren’t praying for each other and our families. Eventually, Mesu and I landed at the same church (she invited me to a women’s breakfast) and she started a small writer’s group. We exchanged pages and encouraged each other on this writer’s journey. Mesu was instrumental in helping launch Carmen’s Corner. Now, she has moved far away and I miss her, but we are still in touch as writers, friends, and sisters in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I love you, Mesu Andrews!

Every Writer’s Journey – Carmen’s Review of MIRIAM

9781601426017“I am Miriam, old but of use. I am a slave, a midwife, a healer with herbs. That is what I do, but El Shaddai makes me who I am.”

With this compelling first line, Mesu Andrews took me into the land of Goshen during Israel’s final days of captivity in Egypt. Miriam is God’s messenger to Israel—that is until her brother, Moses, comes on the scene as God’s deliverer. Miriam’s role in God’s plan changes, and she feels the weight of that change, even though her relationship with God remains secure. Miriam learns God’s silence is not rejection. She learns to communicate with God in a new way and call him by a new name—I AM—which means: “My nature will become evident from My actions.” Miriam encounters the God she can no longer manage or predict, but comes to understand Him as the God who will do the impossible. Miriam weathers worry over her nephew, Eleazar, who continues as a slave to one of Pharaoh’s sons and is subject to Egyptian abuse as well as enduring the effects of God’s plagues on Egypt. Miriam experiences a sense of wonder over God’s power displayed through Moses. She anguishes over God’s silence toward her, and fears the reality of a new love God allows into her life. Miriam suffers, works through difficulties, experiences moments of deep devotion and great joy. Uncertain of her next step, uncertain in all her ways, Miriam continues to do the next necessary thing, to love and serve God and His people. This book is worth the read and both encouraging, educational and entertaining. I almost stopped reading at the frog plague because Mesu’s description was so tangible, I felt frogs squish beneath my feet. YUK! But I’m so glad I did finish Mesu’s MIRIAM published by Waterbrook Multnomah, and I think you will be too!

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