Aloha Christmas Card 2015

Mele Kalikimaka to You!

Dear Family and Friends,  This year, the LORD has given us a great anticipation for Christmas! And the Bible verse on our heart has been Psalm 119:68 “ The Lord is good and only does good.” This verse teaches; God is NOT the author of evil. Everything God does is good, because HE—His character and […]

Ants and Writers

  Proverbs 30:24-25 You probably think this post is about writers learning from ants. You’re partially right. Ants with their discipline, diligence, dedication and determination as referenced in Proverbs 30:24-25 are a great object lesson for anyone. However, for writers they have a singular application—Ants work as directed by their own, internal motivation—Ants are self […]

ACFW 2015 * Volume 1

Emotional First Flight

Comfortable in my window seat on an Alaska flight from Portland, OR to DFW, I was about to zone out on a movie when, out of the blue, I thought of my first plane flight, ever, and was overcome by emotion. 25 April 1961 – I was four-years old when my mother begged a seat […]

A Few Hundred Words

On The Elements of Style and breaking writer’s block! In the last few years, I’ve read The Elements of Style by William Strunk JR. and E. B. White yearly, as suggested by the habit of one of my writing mentors, Jerry B. Jenkins. And yes, I’m already petrified that I am breaking the elementary rules of […]

On My Mind – LECRAE & TNRPLAP (Phil 4:8)

What’s on Your Mind? The social media question pops up on my computer screen each day. This morning, my son came home from the gym and gave me food for thought. He related an interesting observation. At his gym, every person exercising on various machines, had their eyes glued to the large television screens situated before […]

Perfect Day Begins Passion Week

Can you imagine your perfect day? For me, last Saturday came real close. I walked along Kalapaki Beach with sunshine in generous supply, the blue Pacific in perfect temp for quenching my baking skin and waves undulating in fun rhythms. I kicked water on the shore with my grandchildren (Shiloh Sofia & Josiah) skipping before […]

Do I Have All?

 “He that hath Christ, being a pauper, hath all things, and he that hath not Christ possessing a thousand worlds possess nothing for real happiness and joy.” Perhaps, Charles H. Spurgeon had (Colossians 3:11) in mind when he made this statement. Spurgeon says Christ Jesus is ALL; and for humanity, Christ is All we must […]

Charles H. Spurgeon

A Hockey Lesson for Writers

“Wayne Gretzky is the greatest hockey player ever—a remarkably gifted athlete.” Gordon T Smith, president of reSource Leadership International wrote in his book Courage & Calling. I completely agree with that statement. I remember in August of 1988 when Gretzky came to the LA Kings. Even for a casual hockey watcher as myself, it was a […]

The Great One becomes a King