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Mary’s Sabbath Candle

Mary stood in her house of mourning with a death grip on the edge of the table her son had made. If she clutched this tight enough, wood he had touched, it might somehow—in that moment—bring him back. But it did not. Her son was dead and buried in a rock-hewn tomb in a garden […]

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Forget Not All His Benefits – Psalm 103 Good Friday 2014

Our Lenten Group concluded its gatherings today with an exercise in the Stations of the Cross as tied to the biblical narrative by Pope John Paul II. Station means to stand still and be silent. “Be still and attentive to God,” our leader said today. How little we allow ourselves this pleasure in daily life. […]

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Leper’s Attitude of Gratitude

Today, I’m thinking about gratitude. I’m grateful for our little rental apartment in Kauai and my ability to clean it. I am thankful for the sweat accumulating on my skin, and balmy December breeze, which enters like a welcomed guest, to infuse every small corner and soothe every inch of me. I feel convicted about […]

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