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Boarding House – Episode 10

Come to the Garden

Carmichael House Morning Angela wrapped her hands around the hot coffee mug while standing in the backyard. It had rained overnight—but sun peeked through clouds warming the chill that remained in the air, and caused thin columns of steam to rise from wet stone pavers. Her mind drifted with the mist to Jake, and the […]

Writer’s Wednesday – The School of Hemingway

Lesson 2 - The Secret of Cezanne - Discover Your Writing Voice

“You got very hungry when you did not eat enough in Paris because all the bakery shops had such good things in the windows and people ate outside at tables on the sidewalk so that you saw and smelled the food.”[1] In 1924-25 Paris, Hemingway had given up journalism and with it, his income, and […]

In Memory of Christina Grimmie

Thoughtful Tuesday, June 14, 2016

In memory of Christina Grimmie, killed June 10, 2016, Orlando, Florida. The news arrived in my Facebook feed as a YouTube video of a personal and passionate song rendition by Christina Grimmie. IN CHRIST ALONE, this young woman, whom I have never met, made me contemplate and meditate on how I need to get it […]