Melting Pot Monday – April 25, 1961

Part One - 55 Years in America / Part Two - the Cuban Thaw A Brief Interview w/Mom and Me

Fifty-five years ago today, April 25, 1961, I arrived in the United States as a four-year-old. I came on the first flight to leave Havana since the failed Bay of Pigs invasion. I sat on my mother’s lap with my two-year old sister by my side, and surrounded by members of the foreign press, which […]

Holy Yoga!

Another Thing I Never Thought I'd Do

  My exercise of choice has never been yoga. I’m Cuban. Put me on a baseball diamond between 2nd and 3rd base, or on a volleyball or tennis court. Let me walk for miles or lift lite weights, but don’t invite me to contort myself like dough into a pretzel. I can’t do that. And, […]

To the Praise of His Glory

What Am I Supposed to Be . . .

What do I want to be when I grow up? I’ve often reflected on this question. And most recently, as I work my way to sixty years of age, the question still crops up and bites me in the heart. I suppose that’s because there is some unfinished business I have with the world or […]

From the Heart of God’s Fire

Happy Passover & Easter 2016

“At the mountain, the LORD spoke to you face to face from the heart of the fire.” (Deut 5:4) “Now search all of history, from the time God created people on the earth until now, and search from one end of the heavens to the other. Has anything as great as this ever been seen […]

Aloha Christmas Card 2015

Mele Kalikimaka to You!

Dear Family and Friends,  This year, the LORD has given us a great anticipation for Christmas! And the Bible verse on our heart has been Psalm 119:68 “ The Lord is good and only does good.” This verse teaches; God is NOT the author of evil. Everything God does is good, because HE—His character and […]